Pista Green Brocade Bow Tie

 499.00  449.00


Pista Green Brocade Bow Tie

 499.00  449.00

Pet Connect introduces their first range of festive bowties: Indie-Roots Collection. 100% sourced and crafted in India with love, specially for your Doggos. Suitable for all the breeds, these bowties are super soft, light & are available in 6 vibrant color patterns to make those occasions even more special !

This festive season, make way for Quirky & Vibrant designs of Bowties for your four legged love. 100% Indian, inspired by age old Indian fabric traditions and developed by skilled craftsmen, these bowties will make your doggo look even more dapper.

Indie-Roots Collection, this bow tie is hand crafted in the traditional Banaras brocade fabric. Brocade is a richly decorative woven fabric, made in colorful silks with gold and silver threads. This bow-tie adds up the festive mood for your doggo. Through Indie-roots Collection, we are supporting local Indian artisans and Make in India Project. These fabrics are woven with centuries old stories and techniques in different parts of India with a lot of Love!


Banaras(Varanasi), a holy city of Uttar Pradesh, is a centre for brocades since ancient times. The Banaras brocade is also known as Kin- Khan, which literally means a cloth of Gold. It is commonly known as “Shivnagri” in the trade. The exquisite fabrics, so much appreciated all over the world, are produced by weaving with wraps and weft threads of different colours and often of different materials. It appears from ancient texts that in early days gold and silver wires were drawn out to such fineness that they could be woven into fabrics of pure gold and silver. Silk was added later to give colour and body to the textile. Now gold or silver wires are used as a special weft twisted along with the silk. The Banaras brocades and saris are closely woven silk fabrics with designs worked out in gold or silver. In the past, the gold or silver used was so pure that it never tarnished and it retained its shine and colour for hundreds of years. The art of brocade weaving has survived over the time and even today various types of brocades are produced in large quantities.


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